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What A Pair Of Trousers!

What a Pair of Trousers is a podcast for those of discerning comedy tastes and for connoisseurs of obscure and outdated references.

Don't ask why we do this.

Apr 30, 2016

It's a lonely old podcast this week, until some guests drop by. Plus, Trousers through time......

Apr 22, 2016

Open the door. Come on down. Have no fear .......

Apr 2, 2016

Back for another episode and hmmmmmm, what will they talk about this week I wonder? Yep, that's right. Again.

Wiggo returns with an epic tale of overcoming an obstacle, and we also have the final instalment of Weird Things in Textbooks and more Questions for The Trouser Boys.

As soon as you finish listening to this, why...