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What A Pair Of Trousers!

What a Pair of Trousers is a podcast for those of discerning comedy tastes and for connoisseurs of obscure and outdated references.

Don't ask why we do this.

Sep 26, 2015

Welcome to the 50th episode of What A Pair of Trousers! 

Yes, it is astounding that this podcast hasn't imploded into it's own collapsed universe of obscurity and in-jokes, we agree.

This week we have too many tidbits to list, "Learnt a New Word, Boys?" Wiggins reads abusive messages in a genial way and the...

Sep 12, 2015

Matt pillows dues to illness, so Rich, Ben and Stu forge on with a horrible prank, weird expressions people use and the affect of religion in relationships. We are pleased to announce that this week's episode is almost completely pun-free!

Note 1: We obviously don't condone the content of the business card. 

Note 2:...

Sep 4, 2015

With Buckland out on stress leave, Wiggins is in charge. That can mean only one thing: PUNS! Ellis goes daffy for Dapto, plenty of good ol' fashion chicken talk, and mystery time. Where is it? That's half the fun in this extra pun-filled episode of the home of the Wiggins non sequitur, What A Pair Of...