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What A Pair Of Trousers!

What a Pair of Trousers is a podcast for those of discerning comedy tastes and for connoisseurs of obscure and outdated references.

Don't ask why we do this.

Dec 19, 2015

Deck the Halls with Comfy Trousers, fa la la la la, la la la la!

 Join your Trousers friends for this festive season episode.

And in an amazing Christmas miracle, Rich and Stu appear to fall on the same side of an argument!

Merry Christmas to all of you and thanks for all your support during the year, unless you didn't...

Dec 14, 2015

Here is the episode of Strange Times that the What A Pair Of Trousers crew recorded.

News, Darwin Awards and Tidbits, plus a sizeable amount of waffle. Enticing or what?


Dec 7, 2015

Davian, Kat and Sam from Strange Times host an episode of What A Pair Of Trousers!

Featuring a WAPOT quiz, some rock-solid impressions and one of the crews audible digestive problems ......


Dec 1, 2015

This is an excerpt from the Podswap episode of Strange Times hosted by WAPOT.

Matt, Stu and Ben discuss a news article featuring an interesting medical practice.


Nov 26, 2015

Join your Trouser friends as we celebrate Rich's first foray into fatherhood by chatting about children .... and things Wiggo loves as much as his children.