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What A Pair Of Trousers!

What a Pair of Trousers is a podcast for those of discerning comedy tastes and for connoisseurs of obscure and outdated references.

Don't ask why we do this.

Mar 24, 2017

Ah hello! Top of the Forening to you!

Buckland is nowhere to be found but the other trouser men charge on with the usual engaging tidbits, an interesting facebook thread and more of BFG's travels!

If you build it ......


Mar 17, 2017

Freshly ironed trousers coming up!

Wiggo is back and he has tales of his travels. Not only that, but as well as getting to have a great overseas experience he also gets to do the show inside his house this week! It's all coming up Fraidycat Wiggins.

Also a listener question, a dilly update, Who Would You...

Mar 3, 2017

Get out of my dreams (now more than ever .....)


Wiggo is off on his flimsy pretense work junket, so the other members of WAPOT serves up another pile of steaming comedy freshness with a hint of yeah, no thanks.

Bad dreams, creepy spiders and a new segment, The Dilly Chronicles!


Feb 24, 2017

Well hello! The trousers return to politely enter your earholes for the first time in 2017.

So what great new ideas and innovations have we got for this new year? Well, we wait at least ten minutes before talking about lawns, so that is something.

Summer tidbits, an important letter and an unorthodox way to exit a...

Feb 16, 2017

WAPOT returning soon for 2017? How are your pants now?